Apr 06,2021

Your home’s siding plays a major role in your house’s exterior functionality, from protecting you and your belongings from the weather to boosting curb appeal. Siding is also one of your home’s most versatile components, as it can, depending on the material, be replaced relatively easily and allows you to reimage your home’s exterior image.

If you’ve shopped around for siding recently, you’ve likely noticed the options have greatly expanded. While the range of colors, materials, and styles are welcomed by many, it can make navigating the siding catalog challenging. With the help of experts at Berg Home Improvements, though, re-siding your home is a breeze. If you’re looking to determine which siding is the best for your home, read on to learn about the most common materials used on houses.


Brick has been used to build and side homes and buildings for years. It’s a staple material in the home exterior industry, and for a good reason. Brick is a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and low-maintenance option for home siding. While it is a long-lasting product that encounters minimal deterioration during its lifespan, brick is an expensive choice, especially for larger homes, and is difficult to remove and replace if you choose to switch up the look of your home’s exterior.


As a lightweight, weather- and insect-resistant option, vinyl has seen a surge in popularity as the years continue to pass. Other than yearly power washing, there is very minimal maintenance required to keep vinyl siding looking flawless.

With the advancement in the exterior industry, vinyl siding has been able to expand its aesthetic styles, offering homeowners a range of design options, including faux wood grain and color choices. Plus, insulated vinyl siding is energy-efficient, helping homeowners to reduce their energy bills significantly.


Wood is a classic siding material that provides a rustic appeal not found with other siding options; it also delivers a set of pitfalls that the other choices do not have. While rot-resistant types exist, not all options are suitable for all climates. Additionally, wood is very high-maintenance, requiring regular cleanings, stainings, and sealings to ensure rot, mold, and insects do not overtake the material.


As a durable, low-maintenance, and rust-resistant option, aluminum is also a popular choice for home siding, especially among coastal communities. However, areas that are susceptible to frequent hail storms, tornadoes, and other extreme weather conditions will find that aluminum is not a practical choice to side their homes. Dents, scratches, and dings are common, and your siding will require a fresh coat of paint at least every other year.

Ready to Side Your Home?

Now that you are equipped with the details of the most popular home siding choices in the industry, it’s time to reinvent your home’s exterior. The siding experts at Berg Home Improvements can assist you in your vinyl siding installation. We offer high-quality CertainTeed vinyl siding that comes in insulated and uninsulated options. Call or send our experienced contractors a message, and we will set up a time to discuss your fade-resistant, beautiful vinyl siding.

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