Mar 02,2021

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting you, your family, and your home from the elements and other unwanted outside forces and visitors. Ensuring your roof is prepared for the changing seasons keeps it in the best possible condition and allows you the peace of mind knowing no unexpected issues will arise due to insufficient maintenance.

To assist in your seasonal roof inspection, the contractors at Berg Home Improvements have put together a quick checklist to guide you through what to look for when inspecting your roof. Continue reading to learn what you should be paying close attention to during your next roof check.

Check and Clean Out Gutters

One of the critical parts of your roof is your gutter system. These channels that surround your home help to funnel rainwater and snow runoff away from your home to prevent standing water from accumulating and damaging your home’s exterior and, in extreme cases, the interior. It’s essential to check your gutters for a build-up of leaves and other debris. These build-ups cause blockages and prevent your gutters from performing their job. While checking for clogging, it’s also a smart idea to check the general condition of your gutter system to ensure they are not damaged.

Trim or Remove Overhanging Branches

Overhanging branches, even if they are not in direct contact with your roof, can cause a lot of damage, especially in the winter months. When heavy snowfall accumulates on these branches, you run the risk of these branches snapping and landing on your roof, thus potentially damaging shingles, and the snow falling off in large piles and putting too much weight on your roof. To prevent this issue, trim the branches so that they are not hanging over your roof, or remove these branches altogether.

Examine Your Roof for Visible Damage

Take a look at your shingles, flashing, and valleys for any visible damage. Curled or cracked shingles, damaged flashing, and discoloration on your roof are signs that you have, or on your way to, a roof leak. These are damages that can be identified from ground-level, making them easy to spot and have repaired. If you notice physical damage to your roof, call the experts at Berg Home Improvements to repair these damages as soon as possible.

Inspect Your Attic

While there are a number of easily identifiable roof issues, it’s always important to take a peek inside your roof to ensure there are no sneaky leaks, excess moisture build-up, streaks of sunlight breaking through the roof, or wildlife within. However much or little you access your attic, it’s vital for your health and safety to keep it dry, sealed, and free of unwanted residents.

Call Berg Home Improvements for a Closer Look

If you’re unsure if you’re dealing with a damaged roof or feel more comfortable having a professional inspect it, never hesitate to call Berg Home Improvements. Our team of roofing experts has been serving our community for over 50 years and has the tools and knowledge required to inspect, repair, or replace your roof. Give us a call or drop up a message to schedule your inspection today.

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