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  • What is an Energy Efficient Window?

    In a world increasingly aware of the environmental and economic implications of energy use, homeowners are consistently seeking ways to cut down on power consumption. Enter energy-efficient windows—modern marvels designed to keep your home comfortably heated or cooled while slashing...

    Mar 04,2024
  • 2024 Home Design Trends

    As we eagerly approach the year 2024, the world of home design is poised for remarkable evolution. This transformation is fueled by the ever-advancing realm of technology, the shifting dynamics of modern lifestyles, and a renewed emphasis on sustainable living....

    Nov 19,2023
  • Benefits of Creating a Brighter Home with New Windows

    Windows in the home do more than just allow you to look outside. They are also a huge part of how your house looks inside and out. New windows can improve the way you feel about the space in your...

    Jul 11,2023
  • 5 Common Signs of Window Seal Failure

    Windows are an integral part of your home, letting in light and adding dimension to the exterior. They can also have a major impact on the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. Once windows start to get old and...

    May 13,2023
  • Do New Windows Increase Home Value?

    As you consider saving up for various home improvements, one of the factors you might be considering is how an upgrade such as new windows, can actually save you money in the long term. At Berg Home Improvements, we understand...

    Mar 13,2023
  • Reasons to Replace Your Windows

    As a homeowner, every part of your house is important to consider. But few are so noticeable as the windows. Clean and up-to-date windows are a big part of your home’s aesthetic, and can do a lot to improve its...

    Jan 09,2023

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Residential and commercial roofing contractor for all types of roofing, replacement
windows, vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding, gutter guard systems,
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Berg is your experienced,
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Illinois roofing company.
Utilize our 50+ years of
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For new siding installation,
choose Berg! We install &
repair high quality siding throughout the Chicagoland
area. We offer great selections,
colors, styles & more.



Solve your water problems
by installing new gutters with
Berg Home Improvements.
We can help you design a new
gutter system that works for you and your home.



For top quality replacement
choose Berg. Let our team of professionals install
new windows for your home. We offer a wide variety of
wood and vinyl windows.

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