Apr 27,2021

Never underestimate the issues that come with an undermaintained roof. An unkempt or damaged roof can quickly turn into a health and financial concern, from electrical fires due to excessive water damage to increased energy bills. However, with regular, thorough maintenance, you can improve your roof’s longevity while keeping your family safe and healthy.

To assist in keeping your roof in great shape, the roofing specialists at Berg Home Improvements have compiled their best roof maintenance tips that are sure to help you keep on top of your maintenance all year long.

Regularly Check Your Shingles

Most homeowners are great about doing their due diligence and inspecting their roofs after strong winds or a heavy storm. While a great habit to integrate into your life, regularly checking shingles and flashing without the weather prompting you to do so is an even better practice. This task is more straightforward than you think, seeing as you don’t even need to dig the ladder out and climb onto your roof. It’s possible to get a good look at your shingles with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Break out a pair of binoculars and check your roof for:

  • Curling or cracking shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracking or peeling flashings
  • Missing granules

While they might seem like minor issues, if you see any of the above, call Berg Home Improvements ASAP to take care of the problem before it has the chance to grow into something bigger.

Inspect Your Attic and Ceilings

The first signs of an emerging roof issue often develop in the attic or on your ceilings. These areas of the home are particularly susceptible to damage caused by excessive moisture build-up or a leak. Take the time to carefully inspect your ceilings and venture into your attic to check for signs of water build-up or mold growth.

When looking at your home’s interior, look for key signs of leaks and moisture issues, such as water stains on the ceiling and walls, unexplainable musty odors, and bubbling or bulging paint.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Performing a good clean out of your gutters is an essential part of roof maintenance, even as unsavory of a task as it is. Most homeowners can get away with cleaning their gutters out only twice a year – once in the late spring and again after the bulk of leaves have fallen in the early autumn. But taking a quick look at your downspouts and observing flow patterns during a rainstorm can help you stay on top of blockages and other gutter issues before they consume your roof system.

Wash Down Your Roof

It may sound unconventional, but giving your roof a good cleaning at least once a year helps keep the shingles looking brand new while also preventing algae growth. While it may seem insignificant, excessive algae on your roof can lead to shingle rot, which in turn causes leaks and other issues with your roof.

Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

If you suspect there is an issue with your roof, it’s always best to call in the professionals to take a look. At Berg Home Improvements, our contractors have the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to examine your roof and provide you with affordable repair options. Whether you need a few shingles repaired and require a complete roof replacement, our team can give you a hand. Contact Berg Home Improvements today to schedule an expert roof inspection.


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