Jun 23,2020

Installing a new roof can truly improve your home’s appearance. From preventing leaks to added curb appeal, there are many benefits to replacing your old roof. However, roof remodeling is no small job. You need a capable home improvement team to back you up, which is why you should rely on Berg Home Improvements. We provide some of the best roofing installation services in Downers Grove, utilizing our passion for craftsmanship as we transform your home. Here’s what you should know before starting a roof remodeling project.

Keep Up Appearances

Your roof has a significant impact on your home’s exterior. On average, a roof comprises about 40 percent of a home’s exterior, meaning you must select your roofing carefully. That’s what makes roofing so important when remodeling your home for aesthetic purposes, or if you are looking to sell your home. If your roof is algae-covered or sun-damaged, your home’s appeal takes a major hit. Thankfully, you have many options when it comes to the style and color of shingles, as well as other design aspects. Our contractors can help you select something that looks fantastic on your home!

Consider Your Ventilation

Having an effective ventilation system plays an important role in extending your roof’s lifespan. Poor ventilation can lead to a range of cosmetic and foundational issues such as deterioration, ice dams, rust, mold, and more. At Berg Home Improvements, our contractors manage your soffit as we install a new roof. We want your product to last for many years, so we install every part with the greatest care and attention.

Think of Your Roof As An Investment

Just like any other part of your home, your roof is a worthy investment that deserves regular upkeep. After all, it keeps your home dry and climate-controlled. Your roof shelters you from the rain, blocking water from leaking into your home and harming its foundation. Each time you give your roof attention, the rest of your home benefits, making it a vital investment. While a quick repair is sufficient in some circumstances, there are times when a full roofing replacement is necessary. Berg Home Improvements completes most large-scale jobs in a single day, making it one less thing you need to worry about.

A New Roof May Mean New Gutters

For many homeowners, gutter installation goes hand-in-hand with a new roof. Your roof and gutters work together as an efficient system to carry away rainwater from your home, so when one doesn’t work properly, it affects the other’s performance. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your home’s exterior, then chances are your gutters might need to be replaced as well. Our contractors can help you determine what plans would be best.

Choose Only the Most Credible Contractors

Most importantly, you need to hire the right team! Asking the right questions will help you learn more and distinguish a credible business from the others. Our professional roofing contractors at Berg Home Improvements will provide a detailed plan for the project that covers all the ins and outs.

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