Aug 11,2020

Gutters need some love, too. As a homeowner, when you are working on the other exterior elements of your place, take time to also safely and carefully take a close look at your gutters. The gutters’ job is to move water from rain or melting snow and they are a vital piece of protection. You do not want water to pool up around your home’s foundation and possibly leak inside and cause flooding and interior damage. That is why you should put a maintenance strategy into action.

Minor repairs: Sagging or loose gutters should be affixed to keep your units safely in place. Wind or storms may be behind some issues cropping up.

Maintain the integrity: A hose can help you determine if you have any leaks in your gutters, which would disrupt the proper flow of water. Leaky joints can be cleaned and repaired with silicone caulk.

Focus on downspouts: Make sure that you check your downspouts as well in case they are clogged with debris or little creatures is trying to make a home inside. Keep them as clear as possible.

Know the signs: If you do not want to drag a ladder out to get eyes on your gutters directly, there are signs to watch for that may indicate clogs and debris build-up. A surge in mosquito activity can be a sign that gutters are built up with water. Mosquitoes use standing and stagnant water as their breeding grounds. Any basement flooding can be an indication as well.

Season by season: Spring is the time to see if there was any damage during the winter. You can handle minor repairs, but contact a professional for major issues. In summer, consider installing gutter guards or shields. During autumn, keep an eye out for debris build-up and take care of it before the snow starts flying. In winter, monitor for any ice damming, which can stop melting snow from draining properly later on.

Age May Be the Problem With Your Gutters

If your gutter system is starting to look worn out and old or has been repaired before, consider putting in a whole new system. At Berg Home Improvements, our family-owned company has been working on exterior projects for more than 50 years. We have the expertise to help with any and all of your projects around the outside.

Gutters are installed on-site as a seamless system. We work with both 5-inch and oversized 6-inch sizes. By working with the system right on your property, we ensure that they are sloped properly for drainage. Downspouts can be 3×4 oversized or standard 2×3. Oversized downspouts can be a solution to help prevent debris build-up from occurring. Our crew also works with Leaf Relief Gutter Protection Systems, which have vented grates to keep stuff out and water moving.

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