May 26,2020

As you plan out your summer, you may have some fun activities in mind. But summer is also the perfect time to finish your to-do list, especially if those tasks involve renovating your home’s exterior. Berg Home Improvements offers year-round home improvement services. Remodeling your home is easy with the help of a professional construction team. Here’s how we can help you this summer.

New Roofing

When you face an emergency situation with your roof, such as a major leak or severe damage, the best time to get a new roof is as soon as possible. However, if you had to pick another time to get your roof, consider getting yours done by the time summer starts. Here in Illinois, late spring tends to have pleasant weather, so your project is less likely to be delayed by major rainstorms. Plus, getting the job done early has a ton of benefits. By the time the cold, wet weather rolls around in winter, you will be glad to have a sturdy, weatherproof roof to keep you and your family dry.

Replacement Windows

If you’ve been thinking of getting new windows, now’s your chance. Late spring is among the best times to replace your home’s windows. After all, window replacement involves removing your windows entirely, which will temporarily let outside air get into your house. In the spring, this isn’t a problem: your home won’t be exposed to any harsh elements this time of the year. Avoid the drafts and snow by getting your windows replaced right now!

New Gutters

Gutters are very important to your home’s safety. They have an important job, which is to redirect standing rainwater away from your house’s foundation. Getting new gutters before the heavy rainfall that happens later in the summer and fall is an excellent choice. Plus, your current gutters might not be sufficient at keeping leaves out. Get leaf-proof gutters so your house is prepared to combat the falling leaves later in the year.

Siding Refresh

Replacing your home’s siding can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal and market value, providing the perfect refresh you need this spring. Replacing your siding is a worthwhile investment, especially when you choose our company to do the job. Over time, siding becomes damaged and discolored. Hail, ice, debris and sunlight are just a few of the many ways your siding loses its luster. Fortunately, replacing your siding isn’t a difficult job for us, especially when the weather’s nice. We’ll have a chance to get your siding on without worrying about snowfall or other weather events delaying the process, leaving you with a two-toned house for any longer than needed.

Renovate Your Home This Spring With  Berg Home Improvements!

Get started on your home upkeep project with the team at Berg Home Improvements! We provide dedicated service in all areas of renovation. Spring is the best time to maintain the outside of your house, so don’t wait to call us and schedule your renovation. Get in touch with our friendly team for Crown Point siding installation and more!

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