Jun 11,2022

Your roof has an important job at your home: It protects your home from weather elements as well as retains heat during the winter and keeps warmth from building up during the summer. Your roof should be maintained and inspected if you have any concerns.  You may need a new roof if there are many shingles missing, it is old and worn out or if there is damage that may lead to additional issues within your home.

If your roof needs to be replaced, here are some tips and what to expect.

Pre-project prep: The work that is involved in installing a new roof involves lots of hammering and nails. If you are worried about sentimental or valuable paintings or items hanging on your walls, you should remove them to keep them safe. Park any vehicles that are normally in your driveway somewhere else to allow your roofing contractors to have enough room for their vehicles and equipment. Also, move any patio furniture, potted plants, etc. that may be in the way or path of falling debris and your contractors.

Safety reminders: Before a new roof can be installed, the old one has to be removed. It is best to keep any small children and pets away from the perimeter of your home during the roof project. While our crew at Berg Home Improvements follows safety protocols, there can be falling debris, such as old roof tiles. If you have a skittish dog, the pounding may be upsetting, so consider taking your pet out of the home for the day.

Possible surprises: Just like any other home improvement project, there is the possibility that previously unknown issues may surface. When our roofing specialists remove your shingles, there may be rotted, soft or wet wood uncovered. If so, our team will take care of these repairs and inform you of what was needed to replace your roof safely and properly.

Cleanup and inspection: Once our team takes care of laying shingles on top of your water and ice shield, we will review and make sure that your roof is good to go. We will clean up your site before we go as well. We still recommend watching for nails around your place.

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At Berg, our roofing services range from inspections to see if there are any issues, work on both commercial and residential roofing, total roof replacement or shingle repair and replacement if you just need a new outer layer. We pride ourselves on completing most projects in one day, providing the ice and water shield protection that your home needs, utilizing algae resistant shingles and properly venting your attic. Our team works on more than just roofing, including windows, siding, gutters and more. Contact us for an estimate through our online contact form.

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