May 26,2022

New windows can add so much to your home, but it can be a home improvement project that is intimidating as there are a lot throughout your home! If replacing your windows is on your home improvement checklist, consider these factors as you plan for this impactful project.

  1. Money matters: Your budget should definitely be at the top of considerations when you are working on any home improvement project. Your budget will guide the material and style of windows that you can select from for your project. If cost is a concern, you may want to break up your window replacement in more than one segment. You could replace windows that are damaged or leaky first and then the rest, down the road.
  2. Element of energy efficiency: While the upfront costs may feel daunting, more energy efficient windows can help you save money down the line by impacting your utility bills. Many companies also offer rebates or tax incentives when energy-efficient home improvement projects are completed. Check with your utility provider about this incentive.
  3. Your best views: Depending on where you live and what is outside your windows, new windows can give you a fresh perspective. If your windows are old, dingy, cracked or worn-out, you will definitely benefit from seeing out of fresh glass to brighten your mood.
  4. Material and style: While vinyl is still a top choice for window material, you may have a home that will look best with wood styles. The charm of wood windows is great, but they do need additional upkeep. Vinyl options are durable and energy-efficient. Styles that open and close for easier cleaning access can also be considered.
  5. Ease to clean: If you are considering adding or changing up any of your windows, take a moment to think about how that will impact cleaning and maintenance. Larger windows have more surface area to clean.
  6. Staying safe: If you have pets or young children, then windows that can open on top may be the best option for your home when you are considering new windows. By keeping the bottom secure, you can prevent pets from damaging window screens and prevent curious toddlers from pushing through. New windows have the latest in locks and security as well to keep your whole family safe.

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No matter what your plans are for a home exterior project, check in with the professionals at Berg Home Improvements who have been around for more than 50 years. Our team is led by the next generation and our company was launched by our grandfather on the tenets of quality and craftsmanship paired with exemplary service and dedication. If you are considering any exterior home improvements, we can review your plans and help you get the jobs done. We not only work on windows, but also roofs, siding, exterior doors and gutters. Contact us through our online form today.

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