Jul 25,2022

Anytime you are remodeling your home’s exterior, it will create a disturbance in your daily routine and cause some wrinkles in your plans. There will be lots of activity, noise and workers around your property for the length of the project.

Here are some steps to take to get ready for your home exterior project:

Check in: Take time to let your neighbors know as a courtesy, especially if your project will last for a few days and cause more neighborhood traffic and noise.

Pets and kids: A large exterior home project can be a disruption to your pets’ routine. If your dog is especially skittish, it might be a good idea to make plans at a doggy daycare or with a visit with a family member. If your kids are supposed to be around the day of the project, make plans for a play date or take them to a movie to get them away from the home.

Scheduling your project: While there is no perfect time to disrupt your family’s routine, check with our Berg Home Improvements team for available appointments that will best fit what you have going on in your life. Do not try to pack it into a busy week at your house. Our team will work with you as much as possible.

Protect your property: As our team will be outside with equipment and tools, it is best to remove any patio furniture or outdoor planters that may fall within the work zone to keep them safe and our employees safe as well. Prepping the area around your home will help move the project along smoothly.

Consider the Inside Too: Work outside can cause shaking and reverberations inside as well. Secure any valuable, breakable pieces in your home and take down any large paintings or pictures so that they do not come crashing down during your project.

Exterior Elements: If you are doing one outdoor project, consider if there are other components that need to be addressed. It is a good idea to replace aging or damaged roofing, gutters, windows or siding during one project timeline.

Access to you: As the homeowner, make sure that you let our team know if you will be gone and how to reach you in case there are any issues or challenges that occur during the job. We want to let you know of any changes and updates as soon as possible.

Exterior Projects Make an Impact

While you may enjoy planning your interior remodeling projects more as you spend larger amounts of time inside, there is so much value to home exterior projects too. They can add value to the price of your home, boost your curb appeal and keep your interior safe and secure. Reach out to us for any guidance on potential projects through our online contact form.

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