Oct 11,2022

Window washing is more than likely not part of your normal cleaning routine as it can be dangerous and hard to do! Clean windows with a clear view can almost seem unattainable except the couple times a year that you drag out your ladder, bucket and additional tools to get this cumbersome chore checked off of your to-do list. If your windows are old, dingy or damaged, it is time to consider replacements and check out some features that make them easier to clean as well.

Double-hung features: Double-hung style windows have two sashes that slide by each other allowing you to have either ventilation at the top or the bottom of your windows. Top ventilation can be beneficial if you want to circulate air differently or you are worried about pets scratching at your screens. These types of windows have tilt-in features, which means that you can clean the outside of your glass as easily as the inside by tilting in your window to clean it. A tilt-in feature is especially beneficial if you are working to clean your windows upstairs.

Sliding access: Sashes that slide horizontally can also allow access to clean the outside from the inside by being removed and lifted out. Removing window sashes from the interior of your home is another safe way to access your glass in order to get it sparkling clean.

Venting style: Casements or venting windows typically have sashes moving along the top and bottom rails and they are designed to allow for access to clean both sides and to have proper ventilation to let the breeze inside. Since casement windows are hinged on one side, you can easily swing them open when you want to shine up both sides of your windows.

Replacement Windows for Your Home Today

Our crew at Berg Home Improvements has been working in the industry for years as a family-owned business, and we can review your replacement window options and help you determine what would work best at your home. We work with both wood and vinyl, picture windows, double-hung, single-hung and more. Beyond being easier to clean, the latest window models are more energy-efficient and will help you feel more comfortable in your home and save money on utility bills.

New windows will also lift up the look of your home with a boost in curb appeal. Your outdated or damaged windows are bringing down the look of your home more than you realize and can be addressed with new replacement windows today. We also specialize in all things exterior and can review your roof, siding, gutters, soffit and fascia. Your home’s exterior components work as one to keep the weather elements from damaging and affecting your family inside. If you would like to launch your project today, reach out to us via our online contact form.

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