Sep 26,2022

Your home’s roof can truly be out-of-sight and out-of-mind. It can be challenging to get a good look at its condition and evaluate when there are issues that need to be addressed. Climbing a ladder can be a dangerous way to inspect your roof!

Here we highlight signs that a professional should check out your roof’s condition sooner vs. later:

Water damage: If there are any signs of water damage in your home, such as moisture marks, mold growing, peeling paint, yellow or gray stains or cracks in your upstairs ceiling, there may be a leak in your roof. The area where there are issues is typically where your roof may have loose or damaged shingles. Our team can offer a thorough inspection and advise if you can just repair or replace the area in question.

Sagging: When moisture is trapped underneath your roof, it can cause the wood under your roof to rot. This will be visible through sagging in your roof. You can see if there is any sagging by stepping back away from your home and checking out the lines of your roof.

Curling shingles: If a handful of your roof’s shingles are missing, cracked or curling, then you will need repairs at the very least and maybe a total roof replacement. Curling shingles signal that they are no longer attached properly to your roof’s base. Water can start to seep in if this is not taken care of.

Moss growth: If there are areas of your roof that are in a shaded area of your property, there might be intermittent growth of moss or mold. It is best to have this inspected to see if there are shingles that have incurred damage or where water has collected and caused damage.

Higher utility bills: All of your home’s exterior elements, including your roof, work together to make your home as energy efficient as possible. If you are leaking warm or cold air out of your roof, your utility bills may be taking a hit. Any changes in your bills that are unexpected should warrant a closer look at your home’s condition.

Old age: Everything breaks down eventually and your roof is no different. If it has been decades since your roof has been inspected or updated, it is time to consider a roof review and possible replacement.

Let Our Team Take a Closer Look

Our Berg Home Improvements team can review your roof and give you an estimate of what work needs to be completed. We can do repairs, total roof replacement or just the outer layer for a new look and style. We also specialize in all areas of your home’s exterior. If you are concerned about your siding, windows or gutters, we can evaluate them as well. If you would like to connect to your crew, reach out anytime through our online contact form.

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