Dec 12,2021

Replacing the siding on your home is no small task. Not only does it require time and money, but there’s a lot to think about when choosing the type of siding, the color of your siding, and the company you’re going to hire to install your siding. Fortunately, at Berg Home Improvements, we strive to make the home improvement process as easy and quick as possible. That’s why we’re sharing the biggest factors you should consider when installing new siding on your home!

Think About the Time of the Year

Siding can be installed just about any time of the year, but it’s best to embark on the installation journey during milder times of the year. Why? Moisture! During the midst of summer, humidity is one of the biggest adversities of siding installation. It’s best to install new siding when there is little moisture in the air, either due to humidity or rain.

At Berg Home Improvements, you can talk with our siding installers at any time, and we can help you schedule an installation for the spring or autumn time.

Consider Repairs Over Replacements

Fortunately, not all siding issues point towards replacement. When you’re facing a siding emergency, such as storm damage or similar issues, you may be able to remedy the situation with siding repair! Repairs are quicker and less expensive and can work when in a pinch. However, it is best to recruit a professional contractor to come out and take a look at your siding. A reputable company should supply free examinations or estimates and will give you unbiased suggestions for your home or business siding project.

Think About What Siding is Best for Your Home

Technological advances have allowed the siding industry to boom. Now, there are several types of siding to choose from that come in all kinds of colors and textures. Berg Home Improvements swears by vinyl siding due to its versatility and the benefits it provides homeowners. Vinyl siding, both regular vinyl and vinyl insulated siding, is the best option on the market. Not only does it come in fade-resistant colors, unique textures, including wood and the standard vinyl look, and long-lasting materials, it also gives your home an energy-efficient boost! Vinyl siding is affordable upon installing, as well as a great return on investment! Vinyl siding helps homeowners to cut down on heating and cooling costs, meaning that it basically pays for itself after just a few years!

Find the Right Company to Complete the Job

You can choose the best siding on the market, but it means nothing if you don’t have the best contractor on the job! You need a siding company that has the experience and the reviews to back them up. At Berg Home Improvements, we have more than 50 years of experience in the home improvements industry and have accumulated dozens of 5-star reviews! Not only can we talk the talk, but we can walk the walk! If you’re interested in installing new vinyl siding on your home or business, give our office a call. One of our siding experts will be more than happy to assist you in scheduling your free estimate and give you a walkthrough of the installation process.

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