Nov 23,2021

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again! The big man in red himself is getting ready to make his list and check it twice before his biggest day of the year! While many are dutifully cleaning their chimneys so Santa can make a clean entrance to their home, those with new roofs are left asking one big question: Is it safe for Santa to walk on my newly re-shingled roof?!

The roofing pros at Berg Home Improvements are here to reassure that, yes, it’s safe for Santa to walk across the roof that we just installed shingles on! But, it’s not enough to simply answer with “yes.” So, let’s show you why a newly shingled roof is the best place for Santa and his reindeer to land this Christmas Eve!

Newly Installed Shingles Add Support

If it’s been a few years (or decades!) since you’ve last replaced your roof, likely, it’s not the most structurally sound. The professional roof installers at Berg Home Improvements wouldn’t want you walking across an old roof, and we certainly would tell Santa and his sleigh to stay clear of your roof! However, with a newly shingled rooftop, Santa will have a sturdy, safe space to land. Plus, you can rest assured no reindeer come falling through your ceiling while you’re dreaming of sugarplums!

Missing Shingles Spell Disaster

If we’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas this year, your roof will likely be covered in a sparkling, fresh pile of snow. While the snow screams Christmastime, it could make Santa’s job walking across your roof a nightmare! The snow mounds hide missing shingles, meaning Santa could step on a gap in your rood and fall and get hurt! When you hire Berg Home Improvements to re-shingle your roof, you can trust Santa will stay safe and secure on your roof where he belongs!

No Risk of Ice Dams!

When you replace your roof with a fresh one, you reduce the risk of ice dams forming. When the pros at Berg Home Improvements install your brand new roof, we will ensure your attic is adequately ventilated. But what does attic ventilation have to do with ice dams?

When an attic is ventilated, it helps to prevent moisture build-up in your attic and reduce your energy costs. When moisture cannot build up in your attic and the warm air from your home has a place to escape, ice dams cannot form on your roof. Trust us, Santa will add you to the nice list forever if you help protect him from slipping and falling!

Prepare For Santa With Berg Home Improvements!

Is your roof prepared for a yearly trip from Santa? If not, give us a call! Berg Home Improvements’ roof installers are here for your every roofing need. Whether you need to replace some missing shingles or perform an entire roof replacement, we have your back! We can help make all of your Christmas wishes come true with just a phone call or online message!

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