Feb 20,2023

A well-maintained roof is an investment that can last you for over 20 years; as a homeowner, you’ll want to get as much value out of that investment as you can. Unfortunately, harsh weather and general neglect can affect a roof’s lifespan dramatically. Thankfully, being aware of the most common causes of roof damage can help you avoid some of the more costly repairs.

Weather-Related Damage

Some of the most common causes of damage to a roof are related to the weather. High winds and fallen trees can quickly begin to wear down a roof. If you have trees above your home, this is an issue of especially high-concern. You’ll need to be aware of the state of your trees, and tend to dead branches before they fall onto your home.

With the snowy winters of northwest Indiana, there’s also the risk of ice dams occurring. Ice dams happen when snow melts and refreezes, causing water to pool and build up into yet more ice. This can dislodge shingles and lead to leaks. If an ice dam begins to form on your roof, you should contact a professional for advice before lasting damage occurs.

Other Causes

It’s also important to note that your roof can incur damage from a general lack of maintenance. According to the Family Handyman, delaying necessary repairs can allow small problems to snowball into something much larger and more costly. For instance, missing shingles can lead to leaks, which will further damage the rest of your roof.

In general, it’s crucial to keep your roof maintained in order to avoid damage. This includes your gutters. Failing to clean gutters can cause them to back up, allowing water to pool up.

However, despite the emphasis on maintenance, you should also take care when attempting to get onto the roof yourself. Not only is it dangerous, but you could risk dislodging shingles and causing further damage.

Damage to the Inside of Your Home

If your roof has been compromised, it’s unlikely that the damage will stop there. A leaky roof can wreak havoc on the inside of your home. Leaks can lead to dampness and pest infestations that will seep into your living spaces, causing mold growth, stained ceilings, and even electrical shorts. Cockroaches, rodents and dust mites will gladly make their home in a damp attic, escalating your problems well beyond the roof.

Getting an Inspection

The best way to keep damage at bay is to have your roof regularly inspected. In general, you can do this by looking on your own to see if there is any obvious wear. However, if in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional. An expert contractor, such as our experts at Berg Home Improvements, understand the many layers involved in installing a top-notch roof. To learn more, reach out for an estimate today!

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