Jan 23,2023

The siding on your home is more than just an outer shell. A crucial part of the construction, it serves a number of functions, from enhancing your home’s look to providing structure, insulation, and weather-proofing. With all of the purposes it serves, there are plenty of reasons to add siding to your list of home renovations this year.

  • You’re Changing the Look of Your Home

As you renovate your home’s exterior, you might be planning changes to the look of your home. New siding can tie together the appearance of other aspects, such as new windows or landscaping. Vinyl siding is popular because it is available in a wide range of colors, giving you ample creativity to boost your house’s curb appeal.

  • Mismatched Pieces

If your siding has seen previous damage, you might have replaced individual pieces to keep it intact. In many cases, this isn’t a problem. Many hardware stores carry vinyl siding (the most common type) and will likely have a match. However, if your siding is of a more obscure sort, the new pieces may not be a perfect fit. Renovations are a great opportunity to fix the dissonance.

  • Damage from Weather

Siding is your home’s first layer of defense against the elements–and hail, high winds, and lightning strikes can sometimes damage it. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for small cracks to appear over time, allowing water to seep in from the rain. In some cases, pieces can be repaired. When this happens, you might consider talking to a contractor about the extent of damage. The writers at This Old House recommend having large siding projects done by professionals who understand the many layers involved with such an undertaking.

  • Improving Energy Efficiency

Another reason to add siding to your home renovation is to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Berg Home Improvements offers CertainTeed, the innovator in insulated vinyl siding. Improving your home’s energy efficiency is both great for the environment and great on your wallet.

  • Resale Value

If you’re renovating your home, one of the aspects you might be considering is the cost vs. value of each improvement. In addition to the money you can save through improving energy efficiency, vinyl siding has also been shown to have a significant effect on the resale value of your home. In fact, Remodeling magazine found that replacing vinyl siding retained nearly 70 percent of its value at resale based on average costs for 2022.

Getting New Siding

Home renovations can be a large undertaking with a dizzying amount of options to consider. Thankfully, a trusted contractor, like our siding experts at Berg Home Improvements, can help you make the best of your budget as you plan out your home’s upgrades. To learn more, reach out to us today to discuss your upcoming projects and receive a free estimate on siding installation or other home improvements.

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