Jan 14,2020

Your home’s gutters have the vital job of moving water away from your home to ensure proper drainage and to prevent flooding. In order for your gutters to do this, they need to be free of debris consistently year-round.

Some tips and techniques to follow include:

Timing: Sticking to a cleaning will help maintain the flow of your gutters. It is recommended that you take on the task twice a year – in the spring and in the fall.

Ladder safety: Start with a sturdy and safe ladder. Make sure that it can support you and is not outdated or damaged. Make sure that someone knows you will be working with a ladder and will be up high. A ladder with a sturdy shelf will allow you to place debris directly into a bucket.

Scooping tool: A plastic scoop will allow you to best remove the debris that is clogging your system, while a metal scoop can cause scratches and damage and possibly lead to rust. A pistol-grip spray nozzle would assist with adjustment of water pressure to help push out debris.

Protection: Wearing the proper gloves will help you do your best work. Cloth can get soaked with water and grime, while leather can be hard to maneuver. Proper work gloves will protect your hands from scrapes and bacteria that may be floating around in the gutter water from bird waste. Eye protection will also keep you safe from any flying sticks or leaves from the cleaning process. Wear proper shoes as well to prevent slipping. Rubber-soled shoes are ideal.

Your roof, too: While you are up there clearing out your gutters, take time to make sure that your roof is relatively clutter-free as well. You do not want this debris to be washed down in the next rainstorm right back into your gutter system.

Downspout inspection: Your downspouts can get clogged as well. Once you have cleaned out your gutters, blast out your downspouts with a hose to make sure that they are clear.

System Can Cut Your Maintenance Time Down

The team here at Berg Home Improvements is ready to assist with your home exterior needs, including a new gutter system. Our professional installers customize your aluminum gutter system right on-site on your home in either standard or oversized. We can also assist with new downspouts if yours are worn out or rusting. An option to consider is the Leaf Relief Gutter Protection System that has a vented grate. This means that the water can flow through correctly, while helping prevent leaves, little sticks or debris from landing in and clogging up your gutters. A concern is that the added weight of this debris can mix with snow and ice and prompt damage to the whole system.

Our crew is happy to discuss any home exterior projects that you may have beyond gutters, including windows, siding, roofing, doors, fascia, and soffit. Reach out to us through our online contact form today.

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