Dec 24,2019

Major home renovations after a problem can be disruptive to your daily life and hit your budget when you are not expecting it! Your home may have given signs of problems beforehand that you did not notice. There are things to watch for and investigate to help head off big issues down the road.

Stains on the ceiling: If you have noticed a faint discoloration on a ceiling in your house, it is probably a water stain and warning of a leak on your roof. If water is making its way into your home, time is of the essence before even more damage occurs to not only your exterior but also the interior of your place.

Rusty gutters: If there are rust spots on your gutters, it is just going to spread and cause holes down the road. If there are small areas, it is best to consider replacing your gutter system before you have water flowing in all sorts of places.

Chimney challenges: Where your chimney meets your roof can be the spot for problems to pop up and cause leaks into your home. This is a place to keep a careful eye on as part of any maintenance strategy. The flashing can become damaged, or roof shingles can become loose or broken.

Shingle dings: You may not be concerned about a small nick or dent in your roof shingles, but unfortunately, you can expect the damage to grow. It may have started with hail, but the sun and rain will continue to break down your roof’s shingles after the outer protective layer has been breached.

Bathroom fans: A stain around your fan could be a roof leak or condensation in the duct could be the cause of the change. The condensation can be soaking into drywall or infiltrating your attic’s framing components.

Peeling paint: Another indoor sign of exterior damage is when wallpaper or paint in your home starts to peel or become damaged. This could mean that your siding is letting moisture into your home, and it is affecting your walls.

Warped panel: If you notice any type of damage to your siding, even if it is just one panel, there could be a bigger problem at play. Damage often ends up on the outside as a final phase of some problem going on that you cannot see.

Experts Can Tell You What These Little Signs Mean

When you notice anything different, it is best to have a professional check it out. Our professional experience can help you head off any big problems down the road. The Berg Home Improvements crew has been working in the industry for more than 50 years based on the foundation launched by our grandfather.

Our services cover all things exterior, including roofing, windows, patio and front entry doors, gutters, fascia, soffit and siding. We welcome any questions and hope to hear from you via our online contact form.

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