Dec 29,2020

With winter in full swing here in the Chicagoland area, one of your main focuses of the season is likely to stay warm. While your home is your sanctuary from the elements, you can’t be fully protected from the cold and snow if your windows are in poor condition. To help you keep comfortable in your home this winter and all year long, the window experts at Berg Home Improvements are sharing some of the most common signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

You’re Experiencing Drafts

One of the most significant tells that you need new windows is if you begin to experience drafts. When your windows start to get drafty, you know it’s time to start shopping for replacements. This defect is caused by several factors, including age, issues with the sealing, and overuse. If you start to notice a flash of cold air whenever you walk past certain windows, call Berg Home Improvements immediately! Our team of expert window contractors can help you keep that cool air out!

Your Energy Bills Are Through the Roof

It’s no secret that old, drafty windows are a leading cause for high electric bills. Drafty windows do nothing but make your heating system work harder than needed, resulting in higher energy costs for you, especially in the winter. Identifying rooms with drafty windows or simply completing an entire home window replacement can help you cut electric bills down immensely. The amount you save on heating your home this winter will pay for your new windows in no time.

You’re Experiencing Condensation

Not only is condensation on your window annoying, but it’s also a sign it’s time for replacement windows! Condensation usually occurs in the winter when your home’s warm air comes in contact with your windows’ cold panes. While condensation can appear on the interior, exterior, and between the panes of your window, the most concerning areas of moisture is between the glass and inside your home. When moisture starts to collect between your window panes and on the inside of your windows, it means there is a break in your window’s seal and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

You’re Hearing Every Outside Noise

While this might not be as big of a concern for those who live in quieter neighborhoods, homeowners that live in the city or on a busy street understand how frustrating it can be to hear every little thing your neighbors say when they are outside, or you have to listen to the amplified barking of the dog down the street. If your windows are doing a poor job at keeping outside noise out, start looking into Berg Home Improvements’ window replacement services. We can help remedy the situation!

You’re Noticing Frame Decay

Whether you can visibly see the rotting, or your window is soft to the touch, frame rot is likely the cause and it can be detrimental to your window. Frame rot is also a leading cause of many of the issues we mentioned above! Regularly inspecting your windows for rot and replacing them as soon as you identify rotting can help prevent significant issues that may lead to costly repairs on other parts of your home.

Are you experiencing any of the problems we listed above? The professional window contractors at Berg Home Improvements are on standby to help keep the warm air in your home and your heating bills down this winter season! Get in touch by calling or completing our online form to learn more about our Downers Grove window replacement services!

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