Dec 01,2020

Your roof is arguably the most important feature of your home’s exterior. Your roof protects you from the blinding sun, keeps you dry during storms, and contains heat in the winter to keep you warm. But what happens when it springs a leak? Roof leaks are one of the most common issues with roofing and can happen at any time. Knowing what to look for before the leak starts and how to contain a leak if you were unable to catch the problem beforehand, will help you keep your roof – and the contents of your home – in great, undamaged condition. Check out Berg Home Improvements’ tips for dealing with a leak in your roof.

Causes of a Leaky Roof

It’s rare that a roof leak springs up overnight. While it can sometimes seem that leaks come up from nowhere, it’s likely that the problem has been building for quite some time. Stay on top of roof maintenance and check for the following before your roof can spring a leak.

  • Damaged or missing shingles can cause a multitude of problems. It is especially important to check your roof after storms that bring heavy rain or high winds.
  • Clogged gutters can cause rainwater or snowmelt to pool around your roof, increasing the chances of leaks to develop. It is recommended to clean your gutters out at least twice a year – in the spring and fall. If your gutters are damaged or have exceeded their age limit, Berg Home Improvements can assist you in repairing or replacing your home’s gutter system.
  • Holes in your roof caused by storm damage and item placements should be repaired as soon as possible, as this is the most common way a roof begins to leak. If left unattended, even if there is no leak, the hole can get larger and create even more damage.
  • The age of your roof is also a potential reason you have a leak. Roofs aren’t meant to last forever and should be replaced about every 20 years.
  • Improper installation is the leading culprit of roof leaks. When you work with a roofing company that cuts corners and does not take pride in their work, it will show over time. Work with a trusted roofing company that can provide you with excellent, quality service at a great price without cutting corners and compromising your comfort.

What to Do If Discover a Leak

Discovering a leak in your roof can be an irritating, stressful situation. Knowing how to handle the leak to ensure as little damage as possible is important. If you’re dealing with a leaky roof, you should take action immediately.

  • Prevent Water Damage: The first thing to do when you discover a leak is to minimize the amount of water damage. Move mobile items out of the area and cover any larger, heavier items with plastic to prevent them from becoming fully saturated.
  • Contain the Leak: Place a waterproof container, such as a bucket, pot, or large bowl, under the leak. Placing an absorbent item at the bottom of your container can also assist with splashing caused by water falling.
  • Puncture Bubbles: If you notice the paint on your ceiling or walls beginning to bubble, puncture them immediately. Bubbles in your paint fill up with water and can cause significant water damage to the dry wood.
  • Discard Water:  If you are able to contain the leak, immediately discard the water and dry your carpet, furniture, and any other items that have been saturated due to the leak. Leaving water will result in mold growth and, if wooden floors or furniture have been saturated, will leave unsightly stains.
  • Call a Professional: Leaving a leak unattended, even if it was small and controllable, can lead to expensive damage that could require more repairs or replacements than just your roof. Contact a professional roofing contractor, such as Berg Home Improvements, for expert roofing service.

Need to Replace Your Roof?

If repairing the damage to your roof is no longer an option, or your roof has surpassed its age limit, contact Berg Home Improvements. In addition to shingle repair and replacements, we can perform a full roof replacement. If you’re unsure if it’s time for a roof replacement, or just want to double-check to ensure your roof is in optimal shape, schedule an inspection with one of our expert DuPage roof contractors.

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