Apr 24,2023

Vinyl siding is a popular material with homeowners because it is versatile, affordable, and easy to maintain. However, here in the midwest, rainy springs and humid summers cause a lot of moisture and can open up the possibility for mold growth just about anywhere. Maintaining your vinyl siding throughout the year will help prevent the advance of any mold growth, and keep your home’s exterior looking clean and sharp.

What Causes Mold Growth?

According to experts at the University of Minnesota, mold will grow on just about anything that has enough moisture. Most health concerns from mold only arise from growth that is found indoors, resulting from issues such as flooding or a leaky roof. However, mold on the exterior of your home is no less unwanted, and can sometimes be a sign that more has grown elsewhere. You may need to take special measures to get rid of it.

Mold Prevention and Removal

If mold is growing on the side of your home, chances are good that you’re looking for a way to remove it. However, if scrub after scrub still leaves you with more growth, extra prevention measures may be required.

Determine the Source: Because mold grows best in places that are dark and moist, you may wish to inspect the places that you are seeing the most growth to see what could be causing these conditions. Plantlife like climbing vines or shrubbery can block sunlight from reaching the siding, allowing moisture to build up and cause mold. Additionally, extra moisture can be introduced by clogged and leaky gutters or even sprinkler systems that are too close to the side of your house.

Clean Regularly: Cleaning vinyl siding regularly can help fend off mold buildup. While power washing is a common recommendation for cleaning vinyl siding, you need to be especially careful that doing so does not force moisture further into the siding. It’s often better to attack the problem with a bristle brush and garden hose.

Apply Mildewcide: Special multi-surface cleaning products may be available at your local hardware store that can help prevent mold and mildew growth on vinyl siding and other outdoor surfaces. It’s recommended that you apply these as soon as you see that growth has returned, so you can get on top of the problem before it spreads. Scrubbing and pressure washing generally aren’t necessary with these products, which are intended to remove the mold and other stains over time.

Consulting a Professional

If recurrent mold growth on your vinyl siding has begun to tarnish it, you may wish to contact a professional. The professionals at Berg Home Improvements understand the many layers involved in an expert siding job, and can help advise you on how best to clean and care for your vinyl siding.

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