DuPage County Window Company

DuPage County Window Company

DuPage County Window Company

Did you know that the best way to add character to your home is through your windows? What started out as a simple way to allow light into an enclosed space quickly turned into a way to tell stories and add an elegant flair to a building’s exterior. While we might not carry stained glass windows or designs fit for a 17th-century French palace, Berg Home Improvements does carry a wide selection of modern, aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient designs perfected for those looking to add a little personality to their home. When you’re looking to spruce up the exterior of your home or commercial business, contact our DuPage County window company.

Reasons to Replace Your Windows

As an experienced DuPage County window company, we have heard almost every reason you can think of for the need for window replacements. From frame damage to moisture leaks, we’ve seen it all. Some of the most common reasons we see for window replacements, however, including:

  • Energy Efficiency: Older windows are significantly less energy-efficient than newer models. Not only are they newer overall, meaning less temperature-controlled air in your home is getting out while simultaneously keeping outside air out, but energy-efficient windows are also made of different glass than the windows you find in older homes. This glass helps to keep drafts out of the home and decrease heating and cooling costs.
  • Cohesive Window Designs: Over the years, you may have replaced a window or two as the need came up. Due to this, you may have multiple types and designs of windows that leave your home looking more like a quilt than a house. Replace all of your windows at one time or match your new windows to those that were recently replaced to keep the exterior of your home cohesive.
  • Weather Damage: Weather damage is one of the most common reasons for a window replacement. As a Chicagoland-based company, we are more than familiar with the bizarre and sometimes harsh weather conditions the Midwest throws at us. From extreme heat and cold to golfball-sized hail. At Berg Home Improvements, we have the solutions for your weather-damaged windows.
  • Complete Exterior Makeover: Sometimes, you just feel like changing things up. Changing the color of your siding, replacing your roof, getting a new gutter system, and replacing your windows are all great projects to knock out at one time. Getting all of those projects out of the way at one time helps you to match your windows to the new colors of your home and ensure they match the style of exterior you’re going for.

Berg Home Improvements is Your DuPage County Window Company

From adding character to the exterior of your home to cutting energy bills in half, there is never a bad reason for a window replacement. Berg Home Improvements is the trusted DuPage County window company that can help you find the best windows for your home. Get professional window installation when you contact our experienced team. We can’t wait to transform your home.

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