Aurora IL Roofing Contractors

Aurora IL Roofing Contractors

Aurora IL Roofing Contractors Have Extensive Experience

Berg Home Improvements has been around for more than 50 years, bringing this vital experience to each and every remodeling project that the team works on. To us, being a family business translates into a responsibility to carry on the traditions, ideals and service that was first started by our grandfather when he launched our company. We take this obligation very seriously and we feel our commitment and dedication are evident in our work, demeanor and professionalism year after year. By providing all of the exterior remodeling services that you could ever need, we have positioned ourselves to build lasting relationships with our clients and lay a foundation for them to return to us for any and all projects. We work on roofing, siding, windows, fascia, soffit, gutters and patio and front entry doors.

Aurora IL Roofing Contractors Are Masters in The Field

A roof’s job is vital to your home’s health. It is the top layer of protection against bad weather and extreme temperatures season after season. A damaged roof can have cumulative consequences as a leaky roof can damage interior walls, ceilings and belongings. We are here to assess issues, offer advice on replacement and help you strategize your maintenance plans. We are available whether it is a whole new roof or just replacement of a few shingles. Wind, hail, extreme temperatures or even heavy rain can affect your roof. We can help identify problems and steer you toward the solution.


We work on both residential and commercial roofs and you can select from a variety of shingle materials. We can repair shingles as well as inspect your roof, even if there is not any visible damage. We are able to perform many jobs within one day and we work with algae-resistant shingles. We will always make sure that your attic is properly ventilated and that there are ice and water shield protection from ice dams.

Gutters Done Right By Your Aurora IL Roofing Contractors

Your gutters have only one job, but it is vital to your home’s health. A well-maintained and properly working system will help water move in the right direction and prevent flooding in one area of your property. We create and customize your seamless aluminum gutter system on-site with our equipment. This ensures that your gutters fit your particular home and the dimensions of your roof. We also take care of your downspouts and can put in oversized units to help prevent clogging from leaves and other debris.

You can also select a Leaf Relief Gutter Protection System for your home. It has a vented grate to help block debris from blocking your gutters while still allowing water to go where it needs to go.

Aurora IL Roofing Contractors Lead The Way

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