Mar 10,2020

The view from your home and the view of your home can be greatly affected by the condition of your windows. If your windows are not looking top-notch, it can alter your home’s curb appeal. On the flip side, you can spruce up your window on the world with a new perspective by replacing your old or damaged windows.

How Do I Know If My Windows Need to Be Updated?

  • When your windows are closed tightly, but you still feel a breeze or draft, there are issues with your windows. This could be faulty seals or cracks. Drafty windows can have a domino effect and cause your heating and cooling system to work overtime and drive up your energy bills.
  • If a lot of noise is creeping in through your windows, then it may be time for an upgrade. There are options to help keep peace and quiet indoors.
  • If your windows are becoming more and more challenging to open and close, then there is likely an issue. It is hard to operate windows that have rusting or rotting areas, and if you are not able to lock your windows correctly, that is a safety concern.
  • Condensation between any glass layers is an indication of failing seals that are letting moisture in, and of course, cracks are an obvious sign of failing windows.

What options do I have for window replacement?

  • Single-hung windows are often seen as a more cost-effective window replacement option. Single-hung means that there is just one movable sash on the bottom and the top sash is stationary. This option limits your ventilation options as you can only open the bottom section. Since your top sash is stationary, it can make it difficult to clean your windows from the inside.
  • Double-hung windows offer moveable sashes on the top and bottom sections. While more expensive initially, they pay off in the long run with additional ventilation points and tilt-in option to access the outside of your windows while inside. Accessing the outside is especially important for upper levels.
  • You should also consider how many panes of glass you want in your replacement windows, which can affect overall cost. There are single, double, and triple-pane windows. More panes of glass can help cut back on noise and create a stronger barrier to outside elements.
  • Material is the final most important choice for window upgrades. Wood windows have a beautiful look that is hard to match. They are a great fit for historic homes and last a long time. Wood can offer better insulation but can be susceptible to water damage and rot. They are also typically more expensive and can need staining or painting. Vinyl windows have lower up-front costs and require little maintenance. Vinyl offers good insulation but does not typically have the longevity that wood windows have.

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