May 14,2022

While siding adds a style element to your home’s exterior, it really functions as a barrier to protect the interior of your place from the crazy weather that is part of living in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region. Eventually, your home’s siding will get beat up, begin to look drab or just fall out of favor in regards to the trends of the times. If you fall into any of these arenas, then it may be time to consider new siding for your home.

What to think about when considering new siding:

  1. An energy-efficiency boost: If your siding is old and beginning to break down, you may notice that you have areas in your home that are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Your siding may not be performing at its optimal level anymore, and you may greatly benefit from having new siding installed. Insulated versions of vinyl siding can help make your home even more energy-efficient. By installing insulated vinyl siding, you can cut down on your utility costs and make your home more comfortable.
  2. A whole new look: Since your home’s siding more than likely covers more of its exterior than any other material, new siding can have a huge visual impact. There are many styles and colors trending that you can choose to take your home into today. Talk to our team at Berg Home Improvements to go over what options you have to choose from for freshened up curb appeal.
  3. Shore up your exterior: Unfortunately, any damage that may have happened due to old and worn out siding may not always be obvious. Structural issues may not be uncovered until the old siding is removed. That is when water damage to your home may become obvious and it can then be addressed, fixed and taken care of before installing new siding.
  4. Visible damage: If you have noticed a crack here and there in your siding, you may think it is no big deal. Or if you have a loose piece that you keep popping back into place, you may not worry about it. But these are signs of deteriorating integrity and can lead to more issues down the road. Siding that can be penetrated can lead to water damage or bug infestations that will cause headaches down the road.

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