Oct 06,2021

When looking for information on roof replacements, you’ve likely come across plenty of discussion on attic ventilation. But what does that mean?

Attic ventilation helps to prevent warm air, which naturally rises to the higher levels of your home, from building up in your attic. Proper ventilation helps with energy efficiency and even helps to prolong the life of your roof. At Berg Home Improvements, with every roofing job we perform, we ensure that the attic is properly ventilated to prevent issues down the road. To help you better understand what we mean when we say that, and just why it is so important that we spend the extra time on your attic, we’ve put together this blog answering the biggest question: why is attic ventilation so important?

It Prevents Warping

Your roof is your home’s first defense against the blazing hot summer sun. This means that it absorbs the heat from the rays and quickly becomes humid inside the attic. If your attic stays too warm and moist for a prolonged amount of time, it can cause your shingles to begin to warp and peel due to the build-up. Ventilation prevents this build-up from occurring and keeps your attic nice and cool even on the warmest of days.

You Avoid Ice Dams

The Chicagoland area is known for its cold and snowy winters. For those who love a winter wonderland, that’s great. But for a poorly ventilated attic, this can spell disaster for your home. When you turn the furnace on in your home, the hot air particles will naturally rise to your attic. If these particles have nowhere to go, they will stay trapped and slowly warm and melt the bottom layers of snow resting on your roof. If you have poorly functioning gutters that have issues taking water away from your home, this can cause ice dams. Ice dams will eventually lead to even more issues with your gutter and can damage your roof, meaning you have two home improvement projects waiting for you when the winter begins to thaw and spring appears.

Ward of Mold

As we mentioned, your attic can become warm and moist very quickly, especially in the hot and humid Chicagoland summers. And we all know what happens when warmth and moisture sit for too long – mold. When hot air has a way to escape – through attic vents on the side of your home – it prevents humidity from building and stops the growth of dangerous, unhealthy mold.

Call the Experts for Proper Attic Ventilation

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