Aug 14,2021

As home improvement professionals, one of the most common questions the team at Berg Home Improvements gets asked is, “can new windows help save me money on my utility bills?” The answer? Absolutely!

One of the best ways to save a little extra cash each month is by replacing your old windows, especially if you live in an older home and the windows are original to the house. Over time, window seals begin to weaken, frames can start to decay, and the look can be out of style. Why aesthetics may not be at the top of your list of reasons to replace your windows, the other two should consider when thinking about replacement windows. When your windows are decaying, they can no longer perform their job correctly, resulting in drafts and high energy costs.

To learn more about how new windows can help you save on your utility bills each month, keep reading!

Overall Energy Savings

Gone are the days where industry-wide regulations were set in place, and consumer satisfaction and the planet’s health were at the front of many company’s minds. With the advancement of energy-saving technology and energy-efficient building materials, it is almost impossible to find new windows that are not energy-efficient guaranteed. Due to this, by replacing your old windows, you are investing in the future of our globe and getting a great return on investment in the form of cut energy heating and cooling bills. More than a decade ago, Energy Star estimated that homeowners were saving a minimum of $27 each month. That’s at least $324 a month! Imagine the savings you can experience now!

Reduced Lighting Costs

Over time, your windows can become dirty beyond the ability to clean. It is not uncommon for the area between your window panes to fog up and even accumulate dirt and other debris. This makes it difficult to near impossible to clean, resulting in the inability for natural light to come into your home. Some windows may even be difficult to clean as a whole due to their location on your home or height off of the ground. A set of brand new windows can help you cut lighting costs throughout your home by providing clean, fog and debris-free glass that allows the sun’s rays to come in and light up your space.

Many new windows, including those sold at Berg Home Improvements, are simple to clean due to their fold-in capabilities. Windows that open inward instead of outward allows for easy cleaning from within your home; no ladders or hassle is needed!

An Added Bonus to Energy-Efficient Windows!

Did you know that Americans are able to apply for a federal tax credit when replacing their windows? Regardless if you plan to replace all the windows in your home or just a few, as long as you install Energy Star windows in your home, you can get up to $200 back just for installing energy-efficient windows!

Ready to start your new window installation and cut the costs on utilities each month? Give Berg Home Improvements a call! We have a wide range of high-quality and energy-efficient windows that are ready to be added to your home!

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