Oct 31,2019

Doing any home renovation project can be both exciting and terrifying! While it is tempting to just jump into the work, especially if you are usually a do-it-yourselfer, you should slow down and consider how to prepare, and consider whether or not hiring a professional home remodeling contractor is in your best interest. Read these top tips from Berg Home Improvements to learn more.

Know your goal: Discussing with your family members what you hope to accomplish with the project is essential. If you only want to freshen up with a new coat of paint, your project may not require a contractor. However, if you’re hoping to take on a project that will increase your home’s value, an experienced contractor can help you determine which types of projects will be most beneficial.

Money matters: Your expected budget should be in place before you begin. If you are hiring a contractor, shop around and receive estimates. If you are working on a small project yourself, you’ll still need to research supply costs. Understand that problems will probably pop up, so have a backup fund, and factor in costs like the need to eat out more due to a kitchen renovation.

Outline your timeline: If you want to wrap up by a certain event or date, make sure that you start early enough or have consulted with your contractor to determine if this is reasonable or not. At Berg Home Improvement, we make customer communication a priority, so you’ll always know the status of your project, and when it should be complete.

Evaluate your skills: If you are trying to work on a project yourself, be truthful about how much you can actually do and what you may need a professional to work on. Half-way through a bathroom renovation is not a good time to learn how to work on plumbing. Costly mistakes could outweigh any savings you’re counting on by not hiring a contractor.

Working around the work: Your day has to go on no matter what project is going on. If you are working with a professional, discuss ahead of time what times of day they will be at your home, so you can alter your routine as needed. This will also give your contractor the best opportunity to finish the job in a timely manner.

Kids and furry friends: Make sure that you take precautions for any little ones and your pets. Have contractors close off areas, take home tools or put them out of reach. Consider boarding pets or having a friend take them in if you are especially worried about their safety.

Controlling the chaos: Create a construction-free zone where you can escape when needed. Cleaning up every day as much as possible will help lessen the stress and keep your home as normal as possible throughout the process.

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