Nov 12,2022

Your home’s roof takes a real beating during the colder winter months. Snow piles up, melting snow freezes and turns into icicles, wind batters your shingles … that is why you should prepare to get your roof ready to take on whatever weather elements the cold days will throw at it.

Consider these tips to get ready for winter:

Ice dams: Having sufficient ventilation through your roof is essential to ensuring that ice dams are not formed during the wintertime. Ice dams occur when melted snow pools behind any ice that has built up along the margins of your roof. This water can get under your roof’s shingles and find its way into your home. Our team at Berg Home Improvements can ensure that your soffit and fascia are good to go by inspecting your roof thoroughly before the weather turns. 

Gutter patrol: Clogged, old or damaged gutters can also cause an issue when the sun melts snow or ice off of your roof. You need to make sure that your gutters are functioning properly and not filled with debris to cause clogs. If you are concerned about cleaning out your gutters, you should consider the Leaf Relief Gutter Protection System that has vented grates to allow water to move freely while helping keep out leaves, sticks, gunk and more.

Pest concerns: Another issue can be with squirrels, mice, rodents or birds trying to enter your home through the roof in order to stay warm. If you have any breaches in your roof or shingles missing or damaged, that can be a way for these critters to get in. Our trained experts are schooled in all things roof and exterior elements, and we can repair your roof if needed. 

Check on flashing: Part of your roofing system is flashing, and that is how the gaps between key parts of your roof are sealed up tight. This needs to be in good working order around your chimney, vent pipes and in the valleys so that you do not have to worry about leaks and damage.

Roof replacement? If your roof is in really bad shape and there are too many problems to fix, it may be time for a new roof to seal up your home’s top nice and tight for the winter. Our skilled professionals have the know-how to inspect your roof safely, offer their expert opinion and take on the project before it gets too cold.

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