Sep 12,2022

Your home’s siding is a protective barrier to keep you comfortable on the inside while looking good from the outside. If it is time to start researching new siding for your place, take a moment to review some of the key things that you should consider as part of your decision.

Repair or replace? If your siding is showing signs of wear and age, such as dings or cracks, it is time to figure out what you should do next. Siding that has only small areas of issues may be able to be repaired through targeted replacement. Our expert team at Berg Home Improvements can review your siding and let you know what we can do. If your siding has extensive issues or is fading, it is best to start with a fresh slate. There are so many options and colors that you can truly transform your curb appeal while keeping critters, bugs and weather elements out.

Comfort on the inside: While your siding is outside, it really makes an impact on what is going on inside your home. Old and cracked siding may allow drafts and cold or warm air inside your home causing your air conditioner or furnace to work even harder. At Berg, we work with the CertainTeed vinyl siding brand that is available in an insulated option. Insulated vinyl siding ups the level of your home’s energy efficiency and helps you maintain the temperature that you want inside your home all year long during different seasons.

Care and upkeep: Anytime you replace something in your home through an improvement project, you do not want to add more work. Vinyl siding is easy to take care of and maintain as the years roll on. The permacolor feature helps prevent the color of your siding from fading as it is hit by sun and rain. Vinyl continues to be a popular siding selection as it is easy to wash or scrub when there is a buildup of dirt or organic material.

Curb appeal: Of course, how new siding will update the look of your home is a top consideration. The color and detailing of your siding can bring your home into a new level of style. Outdated siding colors can really bring the vibe of your home down. Current siding trends or traditional options will really enhance your home.

It’s an investment: Spending money is always hard, but a project, such as new siding, is really a true investment in your home today and tomorrow. Larger home improvement projects really pay off in the long run.

Exterior Elements are Our Specialty

At Berg Home Improvements, our family-owned company has been concentrating on exterior home improvement projects for decades. Generation after generation, our owners continue to offer craftsmanship and exemplary service to all of our homeowners. If you are ready to discuss your next home improvement project, contact our team through our online contact form.

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