Apr 25,2022

Your roof serves as your home’s hat – it protects your interior from water damage and weather elements and helps guide water to your gutters for proper dispersion to prevent water damage. Whether your roof is in need of total replacement or your shingles just need an update, a professional team of experts can help guide you on decisions and work with you on your project. Some considerations to keep in mind when you are planning a home improvement project regarding your roof.

Curb appeal: A dirty, dingy or outdated roof can really impact your home’s curb appeal. If singles are missing or in disrepair or if the color is out of style, a new roof can perk up the look of your home. When replacing shingles, you should keep in mind the overall architectural style and color family of your home. You want the material and color to fit with your home overall and add style.

Slope: A new roof needs to still function properly within the parameters of your home’s structure. Our team can help you keep your roof working as it should. If you have too little of a pitch, it can cause pooling of water and leaking.

Material’s effects: If you want a heavier material for your roof, it may cause added costs and project time. Discuss with our Berg Home Improvements team the best options to consider depending on your home.

Energy efficiency: More and more exterior remodeling projects can add another level and layer of energy efficiency to your home. If you can seal up any leaks and have proper attic ventilation, you can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter and help reduce your utility costs.

HOA: If you are part of a neighborhood that is under a Homeowners Association, make sure that you have reviewed any requirements for your home’s roof, including material, style and color.  

Let Experts Handle Your Roofing Needs

Our roofing specialists at Berg can help you determine if you are in need of roofing work. Let our professional team members be the ones to climb up and examine the status of your roof. It can be a dangerous place up there on your roof. We provide inspections that result in an unbiased report. Our team offers total roof replacement or shingle updates. We work with not just residential roofs, but also commercial roofs. 

As part of our exemplary value, we can complete many jobs quickly and utilize algae-resistant shingles on many roofs. We help stop ice dams with ice and water shield protection, and we will take the time to make sure that your attic is ventilated properly.  If you need any home exterior projects addressed this season, reach out to us through our online contact form to make an appointment today. We are proud to serve our community.

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