Sep 29,2020

Water may be one of the most important elements in our lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s always good for us. In fact, when caught in the wrong place, water can actually do a lot of damage. When it comes to our homes, water – specifically rainwater and snow runoff – is one of the most detrimental problems. Luckily, gutter systems help prevent water issues such as foundation erosion, roof rot, and damage to internal walls and windowsills. The team here at Berg Home Improvements understands that keeping your home in great condition is important to you, so we’ve put together a list of signs it’s time for you to get a new gutter system.

Cracks, Splits, and Holes

A telltale sign that your gutters are ready to be replaced is if you start seeing cracks, splits, and holes popping up along your gutters. Luckily, these are easy to spot from the ground, so there is typically no need to get up on your roof to assess the damage. While these blemishes may seem small to begin with, the constant wear and tear our gutters endure throughout the year can cause these small problems to turn large rather quickly.


Along with poor installation and warped metal, sagging in gutters is typically caused by water pooling in the area. If water is pooling in your gutters, they are likely clogged and unable to properly perform their job of moving water from place to place on your house. If all seems to be fine with the installation and condition of your gutters and you’ve unclogged blockage but you’re still having sagging issues, consider looking into replacing your system to prevent rust, holes, and further gutter damage.

Basement Flooding

When gutters aren’t functioning properly, they are unable to carry the water away from your home. With all the water collecting around the foundation, it can start to leak into your basement. It’s better to catch the problem when it starts and replace your gutter system before too much water leaks in and does too much damage.

Peeling Paint

Unless your gutters are very old, they should show no signs of chipping paint. If you do find that specks of paint are beginning to chip off in concentrated areas, it’s a good indication that water is remaining in those areas.

Is It Time To Replace Your Gutters?

Gutters keep our homes dry and safe for us to live and grow in. If they are not performing their job as they should, issues created by oversaturation can have negative effects on our wellbeing. If you notice any of the above signs of damage or clogging of your gutters, contact us to speak to one of our gutter specialists and schedule your free estimate today.

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