Siding Installation Naperville

Siding Installation Naperville

Siding Installation Naperville

New siding can truly transform the look and feel of your home’s exterior. That’s why, when you’re looking for a home refresh, we always suggest new siding! For more than 50 years, Berg Home Improvements has been helping clients across the Chicagoland areas upgrade their homes with siding installation near Naperville. With an experienced team like ours in your corner, you’ll know you’re getting the best quality siding products for the best price around! Plus, our team is experienced and ready to help when you need it!

Quality Siding Is Important

Siding is there for more than just being pretty; it plays an important role in protecting your home and your family from unpredictable Midwest weather patterns and unwanted critter visitors. When you don’t have quality siding or have a reputable company complete your siding installation in Naperville, you’re sending out a mass invitation for wildlife and the elements to come on in. So, what qualifies as quality siding? If it’s vinyl, of course!

An excellent choice for your next siding installation near Naperville is vinyl or vinyl insulated siding. Not only are there many color and texture options, but you also get several years out of your product. Vinyl siding can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance and as-needed repairs. Berg Home Improvements works with CertainTeed vinyl and insulated siding. CertainTeed products are some of the highest quality in the industry and offer homeowners fade-resistant siding for many years to come. Plus, when you choose vinyl insulated siding, you can potentially cut your energy costs significantly!

Don’t Forget the Gutters!

Did you know that gutters are a part of your home’s siding system? Without functioning gutters, your home is at risk for several water-related damages. Flooded foundations, washed-out landscapes, and roof leaks are just a few of the major issues that can result in a faulty gutter system. At Berg Home Improvements, we offer custom-fit aluminum gutter systems to all of our clients. With larger-than-average gutters and downspouts, you can rest easy knowing rainwater and snow and ice runoff are efficiently being carries away from your home and saving you hundreds in repair costs! 

A large part of maintaining your gutter system is regular cleanings. No one enjoys dragging out the ladder and digging out the gunk that has built up in their gutters. That’s why Berg Home Improvements is proud to offer the Leaf Relief gutter protection system. This gutter cover prevents leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering your gutters and clogging up the system. Plus, the top is easy to remove for convenient routine cleanings!

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At Berg Home Improvements, we make siding installation in Naperville a breeze. With a team that has more than 50 years of experience and friendly and considerate customer service, we’re the number one choice when you’re looking for the best home exterior improvement company in the greater Chicagoland. What are you waiting for? Call Berg Home Improvements today!

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